The Qixi Festival, do Shanghai dragon with cowboy

in August 2nd this year just to catch up with China’s traditional festivals – the Qixi Festival. The Qixi Festival in China is a very beautiful legend, every year at the beginning of July seven, the will meet in the bridge. About the legend can be said to be China’s next generation hanging wire catch Pax beautiful story, and the cowherd can be said to be the originator of hanging wire counterattack circles. Dongguan Shanghai dragon -AJ in this paper is not to say what a romantic love story, I want to say is how can we learn the essence of how successful counter attack from the big cowboy hanging wire hanging wire as originator of Shanghai dragon.

1, go to the forum to learn. For we do Shanghai Longfeng this line of people, the best forum outside Shanghai Dragon: search, A5, a push, push 28, laggards and so on, whether you are posting, replies, check the information, help answer these itself is a learning.

"to do, first person." This is the motto of many successful people. In human history, where the greatness of all who have good character, the character destiny, the details determine success or failure, bearing the decision pattern, attitude is everything! The cowboy is cattle cattle Tong, the farmer image belongs to the history of ancient China standard. The respectful, humble, sincere service, the pursuit of weaver Weaver was arrested after God unremittingly, and peace of mind. These are all we have to learn what to do for the originator of large hanging wire hanging wire Shanghai dragon. Dongguan Shanghai dragon -AJ believed that big business success is the first to be.

4, respect yourself. Respect for others is to respect yourself. If you are unfair to others, others will think of a way to fight back. Finally, a life-and-death struggle, why

two, humble – learn



2, respect readers. In view of society, the view of reader oriented, not to casually false original article to build website flesh, spell out this is at best a monstrosity.

1, respect copyright. Don’t steal others’ articles. The article reproduced others to indicate the copyright information to others.

3, respect the opponent. Handle the relationship between the competitors in the same site, not free to attack opponents, or discredit opponents to rival site trouble, to achieve peace and development.

to 2, ranking learning website. Whether your competitors website or other industry website, can learn the chain, to analyze people’s Web site in the chain, content, application.

three, Shanghai dragon

– sincere sincere service

, respect for others, respect yourself –

3, always learning. Shanghai Longfeng for this line, also belongs to the electronic commerce within the scope of. Now, although the development of electronic commerce is very hot, but the development is very fast. Want to do good, should always maintain a humble attitude to learning, can have the opportunity to squeeze in front of the industry.

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