To love Shanghai webmaster message reminder tool is reliable

yesterday day Shanghai update proportion is not small, there are a lot of friends respond to your own site is down right, one of my small enterprises can not survive, not only be right down, also be deleted Shanghai love home. In the love of Shanghai statistics background saw the news to remind, there are two messages to remind the site server has a problem, love Shanghai spiders can access to this site. Because every day I open this site is normal speed, so it is not every day to check whether the new sites have been grabbing abnormal points ranking, yesterday afternoon after all 100. Initially suspected of server instability caused by K, here is the screenshot capture abnormal:

chart shows this time love spiders in Shanghai try to connect to this site, there are two small peaks, but the connection number of errors are more, some even one hundred percent, plus the last day of Shanghai big update, it is estimated that the station garbage as this site. Directly to the home page to delete, view several other sites on the hand, are found for this problem, depressed people is the recent love Shanghai statistics always remind robots file a problem at first, many friends like me, doubt the web site’s robots file was wrong. Carefully check a few times that is not the case, but many site is the case, I suggest that simply delete the robots file, the small and medium-sized enterprise station can not set the robots file, basically also won’t have what effect. Because the station is not much content of the page, early this morning I took a look at the log file, display the love of spiders in Shanghai still grab this site, just an article yesterday just included has been deleted, as shown below:


should be right down the site, even if the love Shanghai spider crawling, included in the page, but eventually it will delete your page. I believe a lot of friends met the two message this reminder, one is that robots file error, another is that love Shanghai spiders cannot access the station. The first warning now basically can be concluded, is the love of Shanghai remind the error, there are second kinds of questions to remind, because we can’t use every day around the IP to test the speed of the open web site. Fortunately, now love Shanghai webmaster tools have a background capture diagnostic tool, after my test, I found a directory page submitted last night still shows "grasping". And now I again submitted this catalogue, results soon showed that the "grasping success", if you have to question whether the server is stable, then at different times of the day to test whether the rapid capture success. You can also use other server site test, compare can find the problem.

in a day each time the site crawl rate very inconsistent, it was suggested to change the server’s stability, now feel love Shanghai spider on the server more stringent requirements. Or simply buy a separate I>



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