Liu son Guerrilla break the monopoly spell bidding

so to guerrilla, fanned, long front, the battlefield is not fixed, crush one by one to break the siege. Then pull back, grassroots webmaster how to fight guerrilla warfare? Willow following suggestions are given:

1. guerrilla

therefore suggest you webmaster more concentrate on the long tail word. Many people may ask, although the long tail word good push, but the search volume is too small to do here? "Thought of a classical formula of long tail theory" in a huge number of (a number of long tail keywords X) a minimal number (searches each long tail keywords) = a huge market. Meaning that, although each a long tail word search quantity is relatively small, but you can do, can do a lot of the long tail, it still can form a massive search traffic.

love Shanghai search engine market share will rise more crazy, but the head of the grassroots survival is more and more difficult. One is because the pressure of competition, AdSense for "Keywords" ranking as the hungry for "food", too, half starved to death. Two is because the biddingkeywords monopoly, many popular keywords, the light is left for the love of Shanghai is not under ten. Although the love of Shanghai released the phoenix nest system in April 20th of 09, but the current observation seems like just a formalism, only some keywords into the "phoenix nest", the rest is still live in the left half block.

is doing the long tail, will focus on the promotion of popular word from the diversion of part transferred to the promotion of the long tail word. Many owners have an obsessive feelings for popular keywords, and nearly ninety percent of the energy are put in particular on the popular word. This result is the first, you need to spend a lot of time and energy to do promotion, and the promotion effect may not be as you wish. Second, even if in the rankings, the whole site as long as you throw the helve after the hatchet search engine has changed, and a popular word ranking drop, the website is over.


and long tail keywords more targeted and commercial value, because the user search behavior will do more detailed segmentation, is a market segment of each long tail keywords represent the set of all small segments of the market is a large market of inestimable. And the long tail keywords >

in any case, you love or not love, hate or don’t hate, the world is in the hands of Shanghai love, not easy. So complaining about no use, good layout strategy, implementation tactics, dangerous is the best policy. So how to break the monopoly spell bidding? Liu son to a bit of advice, don’t play "designated war", "guerrilla warfare". What is the guerrilla war? For example, we are currently only ten thousand troops on hand, and how to play a big country million troops fight? You can freeze in one place, all the troops waiting for him to play, then Sike? This result although the hero, but certainly die miserable.

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