Original and enduring is the guarantee of the success of the website optimization

know what search engines love, what users really need, the implementation of site optimization on many simple. Since users and search engines have important content, I insist on doing as in the past to the quality to win the trust of the original content, search and content. Often the website construction and website optimization company complained: "who does not know the original King ah, but only so much content, the day to write what?" how not? Since the choice of search engine marketing, we must practice their own beliefs. The original is not difficult, just tell the truth, just say to see the transformation of language can be written. The original is not to write about, almost every industry and every sub industry, have some news every day, every day is around which to interpret it. "

, the original content is king, the more popular

the site construction production and site optimization process, seems to be a focus on original unremitting process. After continuous adjustment of the algorithm, the original content has been unprecedented attention of the search engine. The original content rich and constantly updated website related rankings are improved. After relying on age and reasonable win some station optimization website ranking, keyword performance is no longer as in the past so good. Not what can not go beyond, rely on high-quality content and good user experience, ranking the site is not uncommon to catch up from behind. It can be perceived that in the search engine only content is fundamental, which coincided with the user recourse value.

content is king, the first is the website must have content, followed by the website must have quality content, again is the site of the best original content. The content of the ideal state is of course website with original content, adequate quality, and the content is updated and rich. It is easy to understand, only to pass the value of the existence of fundamental content is website and search engine. A website without content, slowly will be abandoned by the user. Similarly, a search engine for a long time can not find the ideal information, will gradually give up by search engines. In several major search engines, users often hear with Google praise, that is not only the core value of Google’s "no evil" propaganda, but it really has a good user experience.

actually, what is the website construction and website optimization core secrets? No, as long as the preparation of the site code conform to the basic search engine standard, with the station optimization to highlight the theme of the site (shown as the keyword of the website). Site optimization to the rest of the things, is very simple, is to constantly enrich the content, and then through the construction of the soft link. Although such a simple thing, but only a handful of lasting execution! Just to retrieve a keyword, see website link to see will understand that the real original is how scarce. The scarcity of the only precious, so the search engine is like hunger and thirst to high-quality content, regardless of the content or the construction of link building, the original will be easier.

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