You don’t know about those chain addition and subtraction principle


Many people love to do

the role of the chain, I don’t need to give you more explanation or processing, the core is the right opposition. But the construction of the chain now is no longer Shanghai dragon Er can wantonly hair, not good years of effort or the customer’s business is not easy to be destroyed on one day, turn on! Said in a large fish before you have not yet turn into a dried fish by the sun, so the play is the Shanghai dragon "defensive back".

who have not been to the emergency played drip (explosion hit the teacher once, hey, what is the link of emergency)? Is there something like this, when you some ranking has been stalled, or some web pages not frequently not included, is not where to go outside the chain.? and this movement is actually go to the emergency room available for the performance of drip. Because of a period of time suddenly produced a large number of links, if the search engine can in a short time to detect these links is very easy to be punished right down. Don’t let the chain as the site of the Shanghai dragon booster, straw, this is the wrong approach, will only make you more confused deeper.

1. meaningful anchor text:

too many people do the chain what is considered the first factor is the anchor text, actually the search engine punishment the chain is simply too small case. The whole station anchor text more concentrated density (in some of the words or phrases), more representative of these links are high, must be artificially drive some word row up. This is absolutely intolerable, the anchor text must be decentralized, when you ask when the link is not artificial to control each other on what the anchor text, can let the other from definition. Each site for your understanding is not the same, so the text is not the same, so naturally a lot. If you still can’t put the anchor text, you can also use this word to do. For example: optimization, optimization of Shanghai Longfeng access time, people pay attention to do optimization of Shanghai dragon what time Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon burst teacher video optimization courseware. The root for Shanghai Longfeng optimization, optimization of a single Shanghai dragon than anchor text more good. Special reminder: if the anchor text has its own brand + root I feel more like.


3. station link mode:

chain also have their own principles and algorithms, the following share 5 points and 5 points plus sub sub reduction (for bare effect please bypass).

2. link emergency registration:

chain (external link) is a "revolutionary" old topic, recently we see the theme and narrative in the famous blog, so I drew a PPT picture and talk about the chain of the subtraction of the principles (as long as with good attitude to reading should be help).

station link (link station) think that spiders can more easily find links to the source or higher weights. I and my little.

5 minus

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