Lu Guofu how to analyze competitor data

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we can examine the website content, see what is included in the page, and then obtained his citation rate. This is he can judge the weight of the site of what is in a position.

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ranking on the site before the update frequency and the quality of the article, the article is original? Is not your theme? There is no article in.

I remember Shanghai Longfeng before a new sites should be how to carry out said, to talk about how to analyze competitor ranking reasons, we can only find these data, so we can achieve the "enemy battle", an excellent Shanghai dragon ER must be a qualified data analysts, we only do these analysis data, then in accordance with the plan to implement, so as to more than our competitors! Now Wuhan Shanghai dragon according to a point of their own experience to discuss how to analyze competitor analysis, we only need us to optimize the industry top three natural site data (the former three Shanghai love does not contain their own products and the inside pages), because the site 80% data is ranked among the top three websites that we! Where to start?

The structure of

we have to analyze the ranking structure of the site before the site is not in line with the Shanghai dragon optimization, website has no FLASH, a large number of JS calls, site is TABLE structure and so on, these are not very friendly to the search engine, then we can from this detail over the opponent, we use simple the code, DIV+CSS is very friendly to search engines now, there is a reasonable use of H1.H2.strong tags, we should put the selected keywords on the web page layout, site of the meta label these are we need to consider.

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The The quality of the content

I said here that the domain name, the domain name is the establishment of the time domain, there is no pr (PR can reflect the site of the existing time), domain name easy to remember? I personally think that a good domain name advantage is quite large, a good domain name is to enhance the user’s memory so, convenient for users to directly search our website domain name into the website. Of course, these data is not change, we will have a general understanding of our competitors.

we can look at their website love Shanghai snapshot date, this can reflect the weight and frequency of the website update. The website updated every day snapshot of love Shanghai site is that site or friendly of spiders, updated every day snapshot to Shanghai friends can refer to this article: six ways to make love in Shanghai every day snapshot update.

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