Novice exchange Links reduce the number of individual links to avoid

of course, if there are other what reason, I myself pondering over the past few days has been routinely updated on the website Web site, and not what the virus, so the most likely reason is the reasons for the decline in ranking. Many people may think that remove the single link on the site’s ranking is not affected, after all is single, I can make your website can not vote, do not vote on your website; have impact on the site should be the website of others give me the link, if the other website snapshot, ranking problems, so I the site will cause problems.

, thank you! In fact, the effect of single link

considering those sites I estimate Links will not be added, so I will direct this several individual links to delete all. Some time ago has not see the traffic statistics, I feel it is coming. Time to view the site traffic today, found that only 1/10 of the original, while the flow decline is removed from the single link that day. To view the keywords ranking, all words are dropped to 100, so the tragedy because delete too fast.

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this is my real experience, so it is necessary to speak out to share. A few days ago has been in Links platform for the exchange of Links, because long-term online is not much, so a lot of time in exchange for Links are first added on the other side of the site Links, give each other a message. Two or three consecutive days, I add a link on a single 4~5, only a webmaster to add me on Links; although two or three days increased four or five individual links, only one-way link does not affect the site ranking.

Now look at the search engine

, not only the quality of the Links very much, also on the stability of Links very much, not only is a two-way link stability, reduce the individual links also note. Fortunately the site snapshot update is still only included no update, ranking zero, the estimated short-term ranking is very hard to come back; I hope this tragic experience have remind more novice webmaster, Links this problem is indeed a problem, slowly will be faster, more anxious temper more easily annoyed love Shanghai.

In this paper,

do, you can give each other a single link, can not link to each other, this is your website recommendation on the other site, the ranking of your site without any impact; but if one day a bad mood a lot less single link, which may annoy search engine.

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