Links how much impact on the site

but because of a chain implicated off muddleheaded keywords, but realized that looks like a check for Links too many people have the habit of gesanchaiwu. Today, how to give you an analysis of the website Links problems will affect how the website.

chain is actually outside the chain of a chain, but is actually equivalent to the external evaluation, an example before we took over the helpless. Jordan (high weight website) that you played good basketball (external evaluation, higher authority is the chain of high quality, of course, here we can understand Cheng Youlian), this one evaluation (chain), the value is very high, of course, you may not pushovers, if you are McGrady (assumed, seriously you lose), you also give an evaluation of Jordan: Jordan is a basketball God ah (the chain is also a authoritative). This time, two evaluation (chain) constitute our known Links.

so Links have what problem?

second, Links site is down right. Keywords right down may just be right down, of course, there may be a whole station domain was right down. Keywords web site right down the performance, included the site still has a lot of, but the site index keywords ranking all to besides the. The whole station site is down right in the performance of the web site keywords ranking and included all disappeared, leaving only a home page. Links site is down right there is what impact will have on your website? This is like Jordan suddenly became a basketball rookie (probably his ten consecutive game took the duck’s egg, he may be the child can not find the north, but anyway, evaluation of basketball God has been away from him), he thinks of you is far less important (the weight chain to reduce many). If the basketball world (your website industry) had many great God to give you a high evaluation (you have had many friends of the chain high weight link), these people suddenly became basketball rookie (these sites were down right). So this time the issue may be, once lost a keyword all one or two important links, perhaps the keywords ranking only slightly down move, several one-time loss of a keyword more important link, then the keywords ranking decline may be dozens, of course, what is more love Shanghai because of your site keywords ranking dropped too badly, doubt on your website.


first, the other party withdrew pointing to your site Links (Jordan does not say that you are good at playing basketball.). This time is actually equivalent to the original you good a chain hang, hang up how much, depends on the specific circumstances. You can go to ask why to cancel the links pointing to your site at this time, you can not hesitate to cancel each other’s link.

third, which is the most important.

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