Sohu blog the chain began to add nofollow

Figure 1


browser with nofollow plug-in display, so figure in the red box marked effect:

you can also go to the Sohu blog try, the link is indeed by the addition of nofollow. In this way, I believe that many Sohu like author in some blog account owners have to be hit. Although the link is added nofollow, but after all, it is not easy to keep account, such an excellent platform, will not give up, then the Sohu after the chain was coupled with nofollow, how are we going to do


, plain text links

for the site drainageIf the

blog has a good amount of fans, or blog Shanghai dragon ranking good, then you can find some of the blog, in the blog to attract users to visit our website. Such as trademark registration blog, released some of the trademark knowledge blog >

Figure 2

is sent last night Bowen, and Figure 2 is used to send the article. Below is the blog source code:

is the advantage of establishing a blog blog Sohu, you can get a two level domain, therefore, compared to other blogs, blog promotion easier for Sohu. If the flow of good blog can be considered for promotion of enterprise products, or brand promotion. For example, the author of the blog because Guangzhou is the theme of trademark registration, after a long time of management, to now focus a lot on the trademark registration precision users, therefore, for the promotion of the trademark registration service, this blog is definitely a piece of treasure.



Figure 1

yesterday evening in the Sohu blog an article about Guangzhou trademark Bowen, used in the article to join a Guangzhou trademark anchor link. But the success made even after that link is added nofollow, that is to say the link does not have the effect of weight transfer. After the registration of the mark Bowen released, I also try to modify the source file, found that there was not change. See below:


pure text links have been accepted by the owners, therefore, after the hyperlink is limited, so I suggest that you in the future of the construction of the chain construction simple text links in the blog can be pure. A high weight of the blog, often even pure text, can bring many benefits for the web site. When the post published, the use of to remove the 贵族宝贝 form can have the form of pure text issued.


two, a product or brand promotion


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