Shanghai dragon new discovery the chain optimization content is a cloud user experience is king


a lot of people in the analysis of user experience, and often ignore the analysis of the domain name, and put more efforts on site design and architecture, the author believes that the domain name is very high importance to enhance the user experience, an easy to remember domain name, it is easy to let the user without the aid of search engines can enter the website, such as the domain name is love love Shanghai Shanghai Chinese Pinyin, is easy to remember, so as not to make a search in Google, love Shanghai, love Shanghai in search of Google inside jokes

this is also a lot of stationmaster is easy to ignore, in fact, these hardware investment is very important, if less hardware investment, stability and security of the website is in no way guaranteed, if you share the same virtual servers and other sites, then we should bear the other sites is the risk of K, because in the same virtual host site is K, it will affect other sites, so the choice of server space and speed is very important, but the importance of webmasters often ignored, or many long because of the lack of own funds, no investment in this area too much, but I believe that this do not hand can save

website design level tend to enhance the user’s liking, a clean page will often let users willing to stop, now on the Internet, open the page, the page is filled with numerous advertisements, and these ads also stop flashing, see a little longer that will make people feel very uncomfortable, so the website of how to attract people, so a simple and clean pages are often able to add

three: the website design should reflect the professional standards of

two: the stability and speed of

I advocate here is of high quality, rather than the original, which is given to the grassroots webmaster, for the content of the website, all into the original, it is a kind of do not fit the actual ideas, but some think that grassroots webmaster spend two or three yuan, to write some of the original handwriting.

! website!

four: website content to guarantee the high quality of

with the major search engines on the algorithm of continuous improvement, more and more owners have obviously feel that now want to enhance the site’s ranking as soon as possible, the importance of the content and the chain has deteriorated this year, of course, still has a certain role, but this role has been weakened today, search engine, search the engine is more important is a website user experience, users tend to stay on the site according to the time and experience to site weight distribution, from the point of view of the intelligent search engine has been significantly improved! So in the new situation, as a webmaster, you should start from improving the user experience! Here I come to share several feasible methods, hope to help the webmaster to improve their website operation ability of

! ! importance is self-evident

: domain name

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