Five years, the province’s forestry investment reached 6 billion 670 million yuan doubled

actively strive for national and local investment, strengthen international cooperation, has started the implementation of the Sino Australia Qinghai forestry resources management project, the ecological environment comprehensive management project, the surrounding area of yen loans in Qinghai Lake basin EU biodiversity protection of 6 foreign investment projects, a total of 250 million yuan of funds to attract foreign aid. Five years, the province’s forestry investment reached 6 billion 670 million yuan, to achieve a double.

forest change process, combined with the province, forest conditions, social conditions, and actively carry out forest planting, forest cultivation, leisure tourism service and ecological composite seedling base and the forest right mortgage loan, farmers’ professional cooperatives forestry construction, forest right transfer pilot. At the same time, and actively explore the "Declaration of manufacturing forest" and "forest manufacturing Award" and "profit driven afforestation" mechanism, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses afforestation, forest protection, Ailin; according to the development ideas of eastern and Western Chinese wolfberry, seabuckthorn "to complete the preparation of the sea buckthorn, wolfberry and wood (Walnut) special oil planning of industrial development, the new sea buckthorn base 333 thousand acres, fruit base 201 thousand acres, 36 thousand and 900 acres of walnut forest base. The province’s annual reception of domestic and foreign tourists in Forest Park reached 1 million 750 thousand people, the annual income of nearly billion tourism. Wildlife protection and nature reserve construction, wetland protection level has been upgraded. (author: Ye Wenjuan)


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