14 primary schools in the city zone and Suzhou

July 5th, 14 primary school 14 primary school in Xining district and Suzhou City, Jiangsu province Canglang District held the signing ceremony of hand in hand. The event is one of a series of activities in the Education Development Council of the city council.

on the same day, at the signing ceremony, the primary school principals and teachers and principals, Canglang District, Xining City District teachers face-to-face learning, learning management and teaching experience of teachers and principals of the Canglang district.

to create the development of education think-tank, Xining City District Education Bureau had also carried out focusing Ancient Chinese Literature Search (Confucius, Mencius and other classic reading), Qinghai Normal University professor invited the famous Ancient Chinese Literature Search weekly speak to a class, in order to improve the basic quality of teachers; creating famous teacher, build professional teachers. The city Bureau of education in Chinese, mathematics, English teachers in the selection of 6 outstanding teachers to Jiangsu teacher’s school for a period of 3 years of teaching and research learning; the City District of Nanjing City, Changjiang Road Primary School and Xining city jointly build with the heterogeneous class teaching, both teachers to participate in classes, lectures, teaching salon other activities. In recent years, Xining City Bureau of education in the implementation of the principal to enhance the quality of the project as the promotion of education norms, characteristics, effective development of the top priority. It is the core content to improve the quality of school education to train teachers with modern educational ideas and individualized management style. We should innovate and perfect the training mode of principals and teachers, set up an open training system, cultivate a group of school administrators and key teachers who have thought, passion and good learning." Xining City Bureau of Education Secretary Xu Jie said. (author: Chen Jun)

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