Bear in mind the responsibility of the mission to tell the story of the party and the people of Qing

ushered in the snow solar terms, the provincial capital of Xining, although the continued cold, but the majority of journalists in the hearts of warmth.

11 month 23 days, Wang Guosheng of secretary of provincial Party Committee Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee Zhang Ximing, accompanied by Wang Yubo, earnestly study and propaganda, fully implement the spirit of the important speech of the party spirit and general secretary Xi Jinping in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee on the good news public opinion work, to the central unit in the green news unit and the province of major news investigation, so that the majority of journalists feel excited and inspiring.

shot and ink aimed at the grassroots

promote the spirit of the whole assembly known

currently, the whole province is the rise of the study and implement the party’s spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee boom, all news organizations use a variety of means of communication, adopt various flexible ways, sustained and in-depth awareness of the central and provincial deployment, to promote the six plenary session of the spirit known to every family.

in the survey, each to a news agency, Wang Guosheng asked the editorial team construction, vivid practice of a detailed understanding of the news staff go grassroots, turn style, change style, to encourage grass-roots staff editorial broadcast interview, the interview process as the process of learning, training and grassroots feelings, solid practice basic skills, writing good news live, efforts to promote the spirit of the plenary session known to every family.

in CCTV in Qingdao reporter station, the stationmaster Mao Yafei said: "from the equipment to the station as mentality, combat troops, ready to start, go to the grassroots, to the countryside, in pastoral areas, rushed to the scene," wangguosheng nodded, for they bent down, sinking heart, efforts to launch a thought, and temperature the quality of the work affirmed.

at the Qinghai daily, wangguosheng line through the video and is the Republican County town of Daotanghe layihai Ma Cun Qinghai Daily reporter to interview. Reporters follow the lens, large screen display layihai Ma village Party branch is learning the spirit of the six plenary session of the scene, Wang Guosheng and the presence of reporters and members of cordial exchanges. Hear the Secretary of the village Party branch secretary of the spirit of the six plenary session of the party’s understanding of the grassroots party members and cadres to see the spirit of the full study of the spirit of learning. He said, grassroots news source; according to the requirements of the General Secretary Xi Lian "strokes", adhere to the "three close to", deepening turn to go change, with people’s language, popular form for having heard it many times, so that the party’s policies into the brain and heart.

In the West

city newspaper, the newspaper learned that advantage is the most close to the people, close to the livelihood of the people, Wang Guosheng nodded and said: "our media is to always adhere to the people-centered job oriented mind should always filled with people."

"we all over the interview, we can feel that the overall strict party is in depth, ‘four solid’ major requirements are being implemented." People’s daily Qinghai bureau chief He Cong said that to further reported good Provincial Center, especially the effect of experience, which unfolds in the study and implement the spirit of the six plenary session of the special highlight, innovation, achievement. <;

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