Multi sectoral joint remediation of the West Railway Station chaos

The train station is to show a city civilization the window, but my city train station long time since there has been a variety of chaos Jiuzhibuyu, this newspaper has repeatedly reported. In order to come in the eleven golden week on the eve of the foreign tourists to provide a convenient, fast, clean, orderly and civilized environment, from this week to the end of the month, the city transportation, the city traffic police, City Public Security Bureau and other relevant departments of the joint law enforcement focus on remediation of train station in our city of chaos. The train station for the existence of chaos by repeatedly attention, in September 12 Japanese newspaper to "train station" Jiuzhibuyu chaos why topic reports, reports again mentioned the train station bus station taxi cheating fight off, signs and other problems, the article after immediately aroused the attention of the municipal government. September 15th, vice mayor Wang Jianfeng held a coordination meeting to arrange traffic, public security and other departments jointly remediation of the West Railway Station chaos. Reporter in September 16th from the municipal transportation department was informed that, for the public to reflect the issue, the traffic department will train station as soon as possible in a prominent position to install road signs, guide visitors ride; for tourists and public complaints in the train station, taxi cheating problem, transport authorities will organize inspectors during the day and night to check, once found a taxi there the illegal behavior, will take the first outage outage penalties, one month, two months, second times outage third outage times three months. In addition, the train station is out of order, the black car soliciting phenomenon, transport authorities will also be combined with the traffic police, traffic and Public Security Bureau and other departments to focus on, once discovered, shall be punished in accordance with the ceiling.  

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