Accelerate the pace of afforestation to promote ecological civilization

In April 26th, 27, mayor Wang Yubo use playday, pomp, Xigang, in-depth Seongbuk Jin Jia Wan Xiangshan Beishan slope, Huangzhong County town of dopa, check the city’s greening, greening and afforestation workers. Wang Yubo stressed that the forest is to beautify the city, benefiting the people of public ecological products. City Forestry Department and the county must take an important measure of green work as a practice of the province’s first district ecological civilization strategy, the implementation of the provincial government and deployment of green mountain, seize opportunities to work and develop green planning, increase funding for efforts to accelerate the pace of afforestation.

in the Jin Jia Wan village north slope, a row of new planting has 3-5 year old spruce, Pine Hill, mountain green, green everywhere in knots of workers are working hard in order. Thirsty, hungry on the mountain to eat a bun, drink a slobber. Wang Yubo cordial conversation with the green workers to understand the situation of afforestation, sincere thanks to their hard work. In Xiangshan Huangzhong County town of DOPA green workers carefully, carrying 1-2 meters Sabina on steep slopes and climb on, Wang Yubo climbed the slope, and the green workers planted a cedar. Wang Yubo pointed out that the geographical and climatic conditions of Xining makes every tree, every piece of forest we have to redouble their efforts and hard work. We work hard and unknown, but it is a benefit to the immediate and future generations of the people of the project, merit projects, we should go on year after year.

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