Four snack brands recommended

want to say a word of Wang Shushu: first set a small goal to earn it one hundred million brush brush circle of friends. Of course we can earn one hundred million tomorrow, there may be a lifetime can not earn one hundred million, then we can make our own money. Make a little money, life is still very moist, so what industry the most money? The food and beverage industry as essential to people’s lives in the industry, for entrepreneurs to provide a lot of opportunities to make money, so to attract a lot of investors have joined the industry. So Xiaobian to introduce some of the latest small snack items daquan.

ginger duck

Quanzhou City greediness, delicacy street, * * popular ginger duck. The people of Quanzhou "winter" and buy the crabs, is convenient to buy ready-made ginger duck. Quanzhou ginger duck respectively from * * and Xiamen came, Fujian is a cooking. Ginger duck salty and spicy taste light, three kinds of production, it is open, fire Wenhuo stew pot, tonic three turned up, pot oil but not greasy, unique taste, aroma color.

Nine feet


Pengzhou goose duck neck are particularly long, stretching across the Western Sichuan, the entire plain are drooling. Pengzhou is located in the suburb of Chengdu City, known as the traditional duck, nine feet of the small town is Pengzhou poultry distribution, farmers will only just slaughtered geese and ducks loaded on the train to Chengdu, Chengdu people eat "nine feet of fresh goose intestines Hot pot" is addictive. The "evergreen tree" is nine feet and it is salted duck, Sichuan duck "level of delicacy.

Ping Red-Cooked Chicken, Daokou Style

must choose a road in Nanyang Meixi pork, Rice-meat dumplings bowl and Baitugang spiced chicken and delicacy in Nanyang, people still chose Red-Cooked Chicken, Daokou Style painful. Have you eaten Roasted Chicken shake the separated whole chicken? From the Qing imperial kitchen chef came out of the Roasted Chicken recipe, the achievements of the three hundred years the reputation of the Red-Cooked Chicken, Daokou Style.

Stir fried pig balls

people will do business in Shaoyang, Hunan made a big fortune are some of the people of Shaoyang. Baoqing pig meatball, or blood cake, is the traditional food in Shaoyang, the main raw material is tofu, first dry tofu water filter gauze, and then tofu crumb, then cut into cubes or strips of fresh pork, mixed with the right amount of blood, salt, pepper, five spice powder, a little sesame oil, sesame oil, monosodium glutamate, sesame sauce, stir evenly into Steamed Buns size oval shaped balls, placed in the sun for several days, and then hung on the stove for firewood fireworks smoked dried, smoked the longer, the more concentrated flavor wax. There are a metal frame, frame with stove burning sawdust, rice husk, bran or charcoal smoked smoked, this method pays special attention to the heat, not too much too fast, or bad taste. Smoked dried edible balls. But the most popular way of eating is to stir.

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