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Carry out

in the context of "Edmonton to send 10000 warmth" activities, our province police responded positively, into the hundreds, visit the people, observe public opinion, the people to worry, take practical action to win the reputation of the people.

South Beach community police station Li Gengying three years as one day to take care of the elderly nine year old Sun Renshan, sun uncle is warm-hearted famous, what will be to the community, Lee police officer Lee will reflect the coordination of relevant departments to actively solve, sun uncle excitedly called Li Gengying Ren Changxia’s side. A disabled couples national excellent police Liu Liya for many years to help Court Street No. 25, coordination area units, enterprises, help them married son and daughter-in-law to find work, solve their menace from the rear. Zhou Wei, director of the police station and the police took rice, fruit, return to the detour detour prodigal son and his 80 year old mother. It is understood that the Zhou Jiaquan police station in recent years and the area of hundreds of "two work" release personnel on the road, really let them return to society, self reliant.

youth Chengguan Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Haiyan County Public Security Bureau police station director Zheng Yao and to help the sub problems, each other’s father Ma Haiqing gratefully said: "now the Nai child’s obedient, not run, love work." Haibei Gangcha County Public Security Bureau police station director Wang Quan Ji civilization helping the long-term poverty caused by the Tibetan people a Waterhouse; Haibei West Town Public Security Bureau set up a fund dedicated to the rescue difficult people, family.

vivid touching stories, a chastity smile, grassroots police public security system will care for the people truly brought to people around.


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