157 supervisors for the environment mine

Xining is my home, you rely on health ", in order to make the city the sky bluer, the air cleaner, in March 14th, the North District Environmental Protection Bureau for 157 environmental protection obligations of supervisors for new recruits awarded, let everyone together to supervise the city health, environmental pollution" to ferret out the moth".

in order to strengthen the supervision of environmental protection efforts to increase environmental protection publicity, promote environmental protection administration according to law, this year, the North City District Environmental Protection Bureau to the public to recruit 157 environmental duty supervisor. These environmental duty supervisors from all walks of life, teachers, civil servants and the general public, etc., with a wide range of representativeness.

it is understood that the environmental obligations of supervisors officially appointment, will take the daily supervision, give full play to their own advantages, to assist the environmental protection departments to carry out environmental monitoring activities; the area of key enterprises of supervision, found illegal sewage behavior in a timely manner to the environmental protection departments to report complaints, provide opinions and suggestions to the environmental protection department of environmental protection let us together, in a "everyone, everyone, compliance with the law enforcement supervision" of environmental atmosphere.


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