Central District built a transparent kitchen Street

July 21st, video monitor Nanshan Road restaurant hall of Xining city district is "live" in this restaurant kitchen work picture, washing dishes, cleaning, cooking utensils and a series of actions are clearly, moreover, the monitoring range can rotate 360 degrees on the spot, yam can clear see.

in order to allow people to eat more at ease, this year, the city areas in catering units, kitchen colddishes, disinfection and other key places, the installation of electronic surveillance equipment, the video signal in the lobby area, ordering catering units or centralized dining area, through the open screen. Consumers can understand the real situation of catering units to the kitchen, better accept consumers’ supervision, food supervision department staff can also be monitored by video and voice intercom system, correct the violations catering units less serious.

it is understood that the city has completed 13 food and beverage facilities Nanshan Road, a total of 9 video monitoring points of the installation and commissioning work, the kitchen of the 4 restaurants across the transparent glass. At present, this work is being carried out in large and medium-sized catering units in urban areas. Next, the city will also be through the network, so that consumers can sit at home can be compared to the different food and beverage units of food safety situation, understand the level of credibility of food and beverage units. (author: Wu Yachun)

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