Lancang – Mekong River Youth nnovation Design Competition kicked off

Recently, the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in province, Fudan University, CO sponsored by the Lancang River Mekong River Youth Innovation Design Competition opened in Guangxi, Nanning. Provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Zhang Ximing speech, vice governor Han Jianhua attended the meeting and related activities.

Zhang Ximing to actively participate in the activities of the Lancang Mekong River Basin Governments and university representatives expressed thanks and welcome. He pointed out that the Lancang River in the hinterland of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau in Qinghai, China, Yushu, from Yunnan to Southeast Asia after the beginning of the Mekong River, Laos, Burma, Thailand, Kampuchea, into the South China Sea in vietnam. Is the Lancang Mekong six people, humanity is linked mountains and rivers, to drink a river "intimate community of destiny.

Zhang Ximing introduced to the delegates of Qinghai as "Sanjiang source" "Chinese water tower", the northern hemisphere is the most important water resources conservation and the special situation of our province unswervingly to ecological protection in the first place, to promote ecological civilization construction, is the first area of the country and Southeast Asia provided an important ecological security barrier in the great practice. He stressed that the event based in Yushu, Shanghai, Guangxi, Qinghai close linkage, close docking with the "The Belt and Road" strategy, enhance friendship and create an opportunity for the basin six people cooperation and development, especially the innovation of the carrier and platform of youth cultural exchange, our province is willing to play their own advantages, and Lancang – Mekong river people all the countries in the river, tolerance and mutual learning, cooperation in creating a better future of the basin.

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