Beautiful scenery of the sea lake area is recovering

At present, but also the beauty of the sea lake big two months, wash the face of the action, is the Sea Lake District in full swing in 61. Take the wall advertising, demolition of kangaroo lock, pick up the garbage on the road…… It is understood that, from August 1st to August 10th, remediation efforts around the main difficulties, weaknesses, itemized implementation, to take effective measures to tackle the problem. So, "wash" after the sea lake district what changes? In August 10th, the reporter again follow the remediation team carried out inspections in Wen Jing Street, West Main Street pleasantly surprised to find that whether the door, or the street looks, has been significantly improved, kangaroo lock basically disappeared, sidewalks and street parking chaos phenomenon reduced a lot.

"psoriasis" is less and less

control group staff told reporters, from August 4th onwards, they began to focus on visits to the Lake District streets, once found the chaos to set up large-scale printing, large wall advertising, outdoor advertising and road construction site Weidang damaged advertising, immediately cleared to the lake district outdoor advertising standard quality. From August 1st to August 10th, has cleared more than 1600 chaotic posting ads, rectification procedures LED screen no more than 30.

Jeeves in slowly disappears.

concentrated rectification before the reporter noted, in the street, West Main Street Wenjing more people flow area, operating outside the shop and Jeeves phenomenon is very obvious, especially the construction of the store garbage is being renovated, occupied construction area, some of the food in front of the shop to set up tables and chairs, booth is serious, leading to the door before the poor health.

concentrated rectification period, remediation team head to door more shops, ordered issued a rectification notice, as of 10, the punishment Jeeves 10, operating outside the shop 50, the conical barrel 60, uncivil behavior more than 1500 times. And more than a dozen Houchu checks for rectification, four stores give serious rectification.

the demolition locked all illegal parking lot

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