Datong County propaganda mission to carry out good moral education in rural areas to carry out moral

in order to further develop the moral model in citizen moral construction in the leading role, and vigorously to create a moral model, advocating love moral model, a model of moral learning and striving to be a strong atmosphere of moral model, make moral deeds typical into the hearts of the people. September 6th, the use of the favorable opportunity of the Party training in rural areas, invited the county civilization Committee, the county Party Committee Propaganda Department composed of moral model deeds preach group to teach good moral model deeds.

report of the meeting, members of the team with the simple language, sincere feelings are "filial love the old pro model of Liu, courageous and exemplary," helping others "An Xiaohua model" Liu Qinglian deeds for everyone to do a touching and exciting report to enlighten the mind.

after the report, deputy secretary of the township party committee Comrade Ma Mingxi stressed that the majority of the people is a model of learning moral model, their deeds touching and inspiring, set people thinking, reflects people’s mutual friendship, dedication, selfless and fearless spirit, be enthusiastic and press on. I hope everyone in the hearing after the report, conscientiously study and publicize their advanced deeds and noble morality, educate and guide the cadres and the masses to form a good social atmosphere, catch up with the advanced learning model and making the model and a strong public opinion atmosphere within the scope of the township. The moral model as an example, to seriously study the moral model deeds and good ideas, good character, good style, strengthen social morality, occupation morality, family virtue, moral education, and create a new situation of citizen moral construction and spiritual civilization construction.


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