Municipal Seismological Bureau 5.12 day of disaster prevention and reduction



May 12th is the two anniversary of the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake anniversary, to remember the painful lessons we bring the earthquake disaster, disaster prevention and mitigation to promote the popularization of knowledge, to promote social awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation improvement, to ensure the safety of people’s life and property, I board to "start from the community disaster" to carry out various forms of propaganda of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction activities.
A is held in the South Lane meteorological community, Xining city middle school eleventh Seminar on disaster prevention and mitigation science knowledge on earthquake science knowledge by the Provincial Seismological Bureau, Seismological Bureau experts and staff, a total of 2156 people in the community of teachers and students in class.
to facilitate this activity, exhibited "earthquake disaster mitigation act" and other earthquake science knowledge panels 39, banners 9, more than a thousand copies of promotional materials, watch the masses of 8900 people. At the same time to carry out earthquake disaster prevention and first aid knowledge as the main content of the science advisory, answering questions for the masses. In front of my bureau of Tibetan and Chinese science and technology in front of the exhibition, attracted a large number of Tibetan people stopped to watch, to facilitate residents to better understand the knowledge of disaster prevention and mitigation.

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