Chase King Hill won the Asian Golden Tour award


December 5th, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County good news, just ended in Beijing in 2012 eighteenth Asian tourism golden travel awards ceremony and tourism culture of the Chinese Grand Prix district conference, Laoye Mountain scenic area was awarded the "Asian Tourism Golden Dragon Award and 2012 best original touristattractions, to become the province only the list of tourism scenic area.

it is understood that the "Golden Tour Award for Asia Tourism" since 1995, has been successfully held eighteen sessions, has become a very important award in the Asia Pacific tourism. The Asian Cultural Tourism Association, tourism CRS Asia Research Center, Chinese City Development Association jointly composed of eighteenth Asian Tourism Golden Dragon Award Committee, the National more than a well-known tourist attractions and city from the comprehensive evaluation of the regional environment, culture, leisure fashion, natural landscape, green environmental protection, innovation, management talent management etc.. Through the evaluation, the country has more than and 70 scenic spots and places of cultural tourism topped the "Golden Tour award of the Greater China tourism culture list 2012".

Qinghai as the only list of tourist scenic areas, Laoye Mountain Scenic Area with its rich tourism resources and prominent features, elegant quality, deep meaning and potential superiority features to attract tourists. The classic mountain scenic area will make won the award, the master mountain scenic area cultural and natural landscape is more and more people understand and pay attention to, to enhance the taste and connotation of classic mountain scenic area. (author: Zhao Junjie)

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