How to spend the National Day holiday enjoy cultural feast National Day holiday

this year’s National Day holiday? Xining city cultural radio and Television Bureau, cultural centers, four district of Xining City, the Museum of art to create 6 different styles and contents of the concert for you, October 1st to 3, the town square of Xining big stage people take you a long vacation, parents can also in the afternoon of the 3, take the kids to participate in children’s performances, let the children free to relax and enjoy the holiday.

show the specific time and the content is: in October 1st 11, Chengdong District Cultural Center Concert, with Southland style hulus solo fernleaf hedge bamboo in the Moonlight ", and free solo erhu, will let people in the two different styles of musical sound, enjoy music with different regional culture; 3 in the afternoon city, District Cultural Center Concert, opera three, opera" blood "" Chaoyang "and other classical repertoire for love drama to the public.

at 11 on October 2nd, West District Cultural Center special performances, the sun reflects the morning Xiang old art troupe to bring the "flower belt", "red days" and other dance 6. In addition, musical instruments and Sax solo network Divine Comedy "dazzle most folk style"; 3 in the afternoon, the North District Cultural Center Concert Bao Lingling "flowers" to "sing" straight square, and full of national characteristics of the dance "love" for you to watch the Tu.

October 3rd is a special exhibition of Xining Museum of art, 11 in the morning, the Xining Municipal Art Museum will bring a musical feast. After reading the morning show, parents can take their children to join the 3 p.m. the children’s show, zither ensemble, guzheng two quartets, and art stars children’s Art Troupe brings more solo dance, electric steel "Pirates of the Caribbean" provide the most close international music for movie lovers, let the children leave immersed in their own performance, learning, encourage each other each other through the show, Xining art museum’s concert will give the children a happy holiday. (author: Ma Rong)

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