Overall development of urban and rural areas to accelerate the pace of new rural construction

Yan village is located in the west of Baoziwan Town, 15 kilometers away from the urban area, the total number of 255 households in the village, a total population of 1134 people, 880 acres of arable land. By the end of 2011 farmers per capita income of 10850.7 yuan. The village was established in 2006 as one of the new rural construction pilot villages in Xining, through the development and construction in recent years, the rural infrastructure, the production and living conditions of farmers, rural economy has been improved and developed. To push forward the construction of a new countryside, this year, Yan village was identified as one of the urban areas of urban and rural integration of the development of a model village. The main content of the construction of a village appearance renovation and infrastructure construction of two major projects, the completion of the project started in May 1st to mid June. The main content of

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