nternet industry entrepreneurs should not have these qualities

no matter what the industry, of course, especially in the Internet industry, CEO’s position is very important, they grasp the direction of the whole company, once the direction is not allowed to grasp, it will produce a certain loss, what type of CEO is absolutely intolerable, see below.

for a company, CEO is a very important position, but also a very perfect position, because the CEO is not only the leader of a team, is also a leader in the development direction of the company, or a company manager, CEO of a company, the most successful or not the success of the company and CEO have a great relationship.

CEO a lot of habits and work style will affect the overall style and habits of a company, there is a saying in one cluster, the class, if a company CEO not talking, so many people he led will not to speak, if a CEO doesn’t talk a marginal, so a company will have many such people, if a company CEO is very stingy, then the company’s employees will be very bitter…… So CEO is the soul of a company. If a company’s CEO has a lot of bad habits, it is easy to bring a company to failure.

1. to the product to mention a lot of features

There are a lot of

As such

2. intervention in business

There are a lot of

this case more in business, as if CEO do not grasp.

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