2013 China bee products industry conference held in Xining province bee products processing enterpri

from July 15th to July 18th, the Department of Commerce and the chamber of Commerce jointly organized in Xining Chinese food soil 2013 Chinese bee industry conference and Qinghai province bee product promotion, this is the first China CCCFNA and the local competent department of Commerce jointly sponsored by the international bee industry conference.

our province has abundant resources of wild flowers and the plateau, is one of the most famous food base in the country. Bee products in our province with excellent quality, color, pure taste, rich nutrition characteristics of famous, is one of the competitive advantage of export products in the backbone. However, there are still some problems in the processing industry of bee products in our province, such as backward production mode and low overall level.

to implement the provincial government on the "market for industry, relying on the major deployment of Qinghai superior resources to develop light industry", the cultivation and development of our province characteristics and advantages of the industry, the commerce department actively contact, contributed to the international conference held in our province. China Academy of Engineering Pang Guofang and other experts and the Ministry of commerce foreign trade division, Chinese CFNA, China Bee Products Association and Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hubei province and the Province Association of relevant departments and bureaus leadership, the province of seven well-known enterprises responsible person and honey production from Germany, Japan experts and entrepreneurs of nearly three hundred people attended the meeting. With this platform, our province to invite experts for the development of Qinghai bee industry pulse weapon, and invite friends from various circles at home and abroad to invest in Qinghai, to achieve complementary advantages, win-win cooperation.

During the

meeting, outside, outside the province of bee products dealers and bee products enterprises in China reached a number of cooperation intentions, to invest in the development of bee products industry in Qinghai showed strong interest. Qinghai Hua Bao apiculture Co Ltd and Shandong Bao Kang pharmaceutical, Conba than foreign companies have reached a cooperation agreement, the contract amount of 20 million yuan. (author: