Huangyuan moon village farmers live in new homes

Recently, the reporter saw in Huangyuan county and township, village under the sun shining autumn, a yellow and white, uniform features of dwellings in orange forest shade showing a partly hidden and partly visible, quiet and beautiful rural scenery. At present, the village 220 farmers have achieved centralized residence, completed the construction of infrastructure, public facilities and other aspects of the construction of a new socialist countryside. The village is 20 kilometers away from Huangyuan County, which belongs to the alpine region. The village has 6 agricultural cooperatives, arable land area of 2500 acres, planting barley, rape, green feed. In recent years, Huangyuan County integrated remote poverty relocation and reconstruction projects, the implementation of the "three" project, the original scattered 6 village of unified planning and construction, build a new countryside, the village farmers can live together, and set up the health room. It is understood that before the village farmers and herdsmen narrow channels of income, more traditional grazing as the main source of income, accounting for more than 65% of the village revenue. Now in a variety of poverty alleviation policy support, especially in the financial support loans to poor households focus on poverty alleviation development of aquaculture and tourism production demand for funds, the village not only develop the aquaculture industry, West fan Dong Yu, the annual slaughter in 5000 sheep. At the same time, the use of 109 State Road with the advantages of closely linked to the development of the tourism service industry, the development of tourism products, including yak yogurt, wild mushrooms, etc., a lot of people.