nvestigation and remediation of illegal vehicles in Xining special action

The special action of

Xining city traffic police detachment from April 1st to September 30th to carry out illegal behavior investigation, education, major renovation "trucks in the city (hereinafter referred to as the" big investigation, education and remediation special action). To realize security risks significantly reduced, traffic violations significantly curbed, truck traffic accident causes a sharp decrease in the target, improve the freight driver safety civilization consciousness, create a safe and orderly traffic environment.

has always been, freight management is difficult, law enforcement environment is complex, in order to promote "investigation, education and rectification of truck violations special action and carry out, the city traffic police detachment promptly set up a leading group headed by captains of the continuation of the three super fatigue, traffic violations involving licensing of card special rectification approach, formulate specific implementation plan, to ensure that the special action to achieve tangible results.

it is understood that the "investigation" focus on the investigation of heavy truck, trailer, engineering transport vehicle whether there is illegal modification, the existence of illegal installation of lighting, body reflective logo settings are not standardized, lateral part protective device installation is not standardized, are required to participate in safety inspection, the existence of tires, brake parts wear serious security risks, the existence of production quality, whether there should be no scrap scrap, dangerous goods transport vehicle is set up warning signs, according to the provisions of the lamp. The truck driving qualification and the actual driving vehicle is consistent, whether there is illegal, the accident did not timely treatment, whether the driver’s license certification. Check the transportation enterprise safety management system and the truck driver daily education record. Big education is the focus of the freight car drivers law-abiding safety and civilized driving ideas and common sense skills. Freight enterprise legal person, the main responsibility of the safety management personnel. Truck modification, maintenance industry practitioners in accordance with the law, regulate professional ethics.

"rectification" focus on remediation of heavy duty trucks do not follow the lane, fatigue driving, illegal parking, super strong will, reverse driving, vehicle city road engineering, unlicensed deck, block defaced plate, red light, break the forbidden line, speeding, illegal U-turn and other serious traffic violations. Remediation of heavy truck, trailer illegal modification, taillight does not light, illegal installation of lighting, body reflective logo, lateral part protective device installation is not standardized, dangerous goods transport vehicle is not set up warning signs, lighting and other serious impact on traffic safety violations in accordance with the regulations. Focus on remediation of illegal traffic, prone to accidents, increase the density of road monitoring.

as of now, Xining city vehicle administration finished cleaning all makeup work of the city’s motor vehicle and driver management basic data set, concentrate on cleaning up the truck and the driver of data, key lists overdue vehicle inspection, overdue scrap, illegal or untreated, accident driver overdue inspection, scoring more than 6 points, contact the way is not accurate for specific information, inform the district traffic police brigade to carry out the investigation. (author: Zhang Xingdi Liang Jun)