Military enterprises demonstration village road hardening project activities for the smooth progress

this year, in the municipal government under the arrangements, Xining city a total of 111 administrative villages unified plan will be incorporated into the overall plan of the province’s military enterprises build a model village activities. According to the "Xining military enterprises demonstration village construction planning, a total of 111 administrative villages of hardened road 530 kilometers, a total investment of 120 million yuan, up for 92 million 90 thousand yuan of funds, raised funds for 24 million 620 thousand yuan. The road through the village renovation, to improve production and living conditions of farmers and rural living environment quality, steadily promoting the construction of new socialist countryside, promote the coordinated development of rural economy, society and environment lay a good foundation for traffic.

in accordance with the requirements of the municipal Party Committee Organization Department, Xining Municipal Transportation Bureau actively coordinating district construction and transportation departments conscientiously do a good job in the project planning and investigation work, and many times to the Bureau report, the Provincial Communications Department and the provincial highway for road hardening project grant funds. Up to now, a total of 27 demonstration village road hardening project the Provincial Communications Department has issued capital plan, issued a total mileage of 145.2 kilometers, a total investment of 32 million 418 thousand yuan, of which the provincial subsidy funds 23 million 482 thousand yuan, local self financing 8 million 937 thousand yuan.

at present, the city still has 84 demonstration village road hardening projects need to be included in the Provincial Department of transportation funding scheme. Hardened mileage of 384.7 km, with a total investment of $84 million 300 thousand. Which apply for provincial funding of 68 million 610 thousand yuan, self financing of $15 million 690 thousand. After the fight, August 6th, the Provincial Communications Department Director Yang made the city "military enterprises demonstration village road hardening project activities" make "support" the important instructions. At present, the Provincial Communications Department, the provincial highway bureau is paying close attention to audit project planning documents.