Five focus on promoting the reform of public hospitals

February 10th, reporters from the province related meeting was informed that the province as a pilot province of comprehensive health care reform, the focal point of the reform, in order to deepen the reform of public hospitals as the main line, comprehensive reform and promote the overall development of medical services, medical care, drug supply, public health and regulatory system. Province from 5 aspects to promote the reform of public hospitals.
I efforts to promote the reform of public hospitals are as follows:
– path, and actively explore and improve the management pattern and the way of the separation of medicine, cut off the interest chain.
– further rationalize the price of medical services.
– to deepen the reform of personnel distribution system, implementation of the employment system, job management system, perfect can be a flexible employment mechanism. Explore the establishment of personnel salary system in line with the characteristics of the health industry, improve the performance management system, to play the role of performance incentives.
– the establishment of a modern hospital management system, the implementation of public hospital autonomy in personnel, assets, financial and other aspects, perfecting the corporate governance structure of public hospitals, the implementation of the responsibility of the president, the appointment system of public hospital, explore the establishment of qualification management system, the implementation of occupation and specialization. Actively promote the socialization of hospital logistics service.
– to strengthen the scientific and standardized hospital, fine management, improve the implementation mechanism of hospital internal decision-making, improve management and decision level. The chief accountant is a member of the leading group of the hospital.