Ning in the village in the city are not left behind the Mid Autumn Festival holiday at leisure of ch

The three day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday is over, the reporter visited found that everyone’s holiday leisure has changed a lot. In the past, the restaurant, the park is no longer the first choice, and the original ecology, the theme of the green tea garden, farmhouse, and even picnic in the field, has become a popular way of leisure. "We usually work in Xining, if the holiday is’ prisoners’ here, the city is not the same as the cage? So, a holiday, I and my partner will go out, whether it is on foot, or to the tea garden to sit for a day, we will not stay in the city. Do not know why, a left the city, feeling good air, good mood." People Ms. Lee told reporters that the holiday in the city to meet the "left behind", choose to play off the vast countryside, she and her friends have become the main way of leisure vacation. According to the tourism department statistics, in recent years, every holiday, around the city of Xining rural tourism reception of tourists will increase rapidly, the tourists have been gradually formed around the tour, rural tourism leisure oriented way, it also stimulates the rapid increase of rural tourism sites around the city, bring some income for the local tourism residents. For the weekend, a small holiday local tour of the public continues to increase, the province’s various travel agencies are actively exploring, and developed a corresponding program. "We have been active in and around the farmhouse reception to negotiate, find appropriate ways of cooperation, and strive to be the local tourist resources mobilized, the prosperity of Qinghai’s tourism market, this is to be tourists consumption, travel habits change, move to strain." A travel agency official said.