Our province will build four large Tibetan medicine base

In order to further promote the province’s

in Tibetan medicine plant to the base of the scale and direction of industrialization, to consolidate the results of ecological construction, accelerate the pace of poverty alleviation, the province formulated "on accelerating the construction of Tibetan medicine planting base" plan, four base in the development of Tibetan medicine, Tibetan medicine in the new construction of Qinghai characteristics the pattern of production.

according to the construction of opinions, the province will vigorously develop scale and standardized and strong impetus to the planting base in Tibetan medicine, supporting a number of forestry cooperatives and enterprises, has built 4 regional advantages in Tibetan medicine production and protection zone. Strive to 2020 the province’s total area of 850 thousand acres of Tibetan medicinal herbs, including wolfberry cultivation area of 500 thousand acres. Efforts to increase the scale of planting significantly improve the quality standards significantly, Qinghai into the northwest and even the country’s important Chinese medicine production base.

The development of the layout of

construction in accordance with the views put forward, the construction of the production forest in the loess hilly area of Eastern medicine in our province, Xining City, East Sea city to develop Chinese angelica, astragalus, Codonopsis and other medicinal plant; Qilian Tibetan medicine production and construction of mountain protected areas, Qilian and Menyuan County focus on the protection of Rheum tanguticum, Rhododendron, Gentiana wild Tibetan medicine resources in Haibei Prefecture; Tibetan medicine production area construction, Republic of Qaidam Basin, Golmud City, Haixi state, Delingha City, Dulan County, Wulan county and 5 counties of Hainan Prefecture on the protection and development of Chinese wolfberry, Nitraria, Apocynum wild medicinal materials; Tibetan medicine production area construction of Sanjiang in Huangnan, Yushu and focus on the protection and development of Cordyceps Guoluo, Rhodiola, f.unibracteata in Tibetan medicine. At the same time, increase the focus on the county and the focus of Tibetan herbal medicine planting base to support efforts to strengthen the protection of wild resources, vigorously implement the brand strategy, and promote the healthy development of the construction of Chinese medicine base.