Pollutant discharge permit management system

With the economic and social development and the development of city construction, the total air pollutant in our city has increased, but due to geographical and meteorological conditions in Xining is not conducive to the spread of pollutants, emissions control alone, can not solve the problem, there is an urgent need to control the total discharge of pollutants. Therefore, in the "Xining City Air Pollution Control Ordinance" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") clearly stipulates that the city will implement the emission combined management system for controlling the total emission of major air pollutants concentration and control of atmospheric pollutants.The specified

"Regulations", the city (county) people’s government should be based on the index of total quantity control of major air pollutants issued by the people’s government at a higher level of emissions and abatement targets, combined with the actual situation of the administrative regions, formulate annual plan and control measures, the main air pollutant emission control targets and reduce the index down to enterprises and institutions and other production operators. Enterprises, institutions and other producers and operators that carry out the administration of air pollution discharge permits shall discharge pollutants in accordance with the requirements of the pollution discharge permit.

at the same time, district (county), township (town) or industrial park as one of the following circumstances, such as: air pollutant emissions exceed the quota of total control, did not complete elimination of high polluting industries, technology and equipment is not complete the task on time; air pollution control tasks on time; supporting air pollution control facilities are not complete the provisions of the Municipal People’s government; in other cases, the municipal environmental protection departments to suspend the approval documents the environmental impact caused atmospheric pollutants construction projects within the region, the other related departments shall suspend handling the relevant formalities for examination and approval.