Obligations of supervisors to Party cadres.

The day before, West District held social obligations supervisor appointment and training conference, issued a letter of appointment for Wei Jinkui and other 10 social obligations of supervisors.It is reported that

, the organ style construction has been further strengthened, the provisions of the eight Central and provincial style building regulations further implement the principle, to 10 party firm, fair and honest, strong selection of west area from the area with a sense of justice and responsibility on behalf of the masses of ordinary citizens as the social obligations of supervisors. 10 social obligations of supervisors of the hire, from the region’s towns (street) and village (community) at all levels. Because the social responsibility of the supervisor itself is the ordinary people, the public, from his eyes is precisely the real problem, compared to the supervision of the organization and discipline level, will be more complete, more real." West District Secretary Hu Haishan said, 10 social obligations of supervisors of the region to the party’s mass line of educational practice to find out the problem of "prick", "dr.". The Gongjusiyong, gifts of public funds, public funds, the masses door hard, ugly face, something difficult, chinakayao, work time playing cards, chat, shopping, playing chess, playing games, watching movies stocks, "four winds" will be the focus of supervision on the internet.