n the first 3 quarters of this year, Xining’s GDP grew by 14%

The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of statistics, this year, in the domestic market environment and tight downtown pressure on the economy increasing, the municipal Party committee, municipal government led the city’s efforts to overcome difficulties, to overcome the negative factors in the economic operation, the overall economy maintained two digit growth, 1-3 quarter of the city’s GDP was 62 billion 276 million yuan. Growth of 14%.

the first industrial added value of 2 billion 171 million yuan, an increase of 6.3%; second of the industrial added value of 32 billion 511 million yuan, an increase of 14.9%; third of the industrial added value of 27 billion 594 million yuan, up 13.4%. 1-3 quarter, Xining completed investment in fixed assets 54 billion 493 million yuan, up 30.04% over the previous year, which accounted for second, in the first and the third industry investment proportion was 2.92%, 53.72%, 43.36%, the proportion of industrial investment accounted for 47.21%, becoming the city’s investment in fixed assets of the main plate, for adjusting structure, growth, enhance stamina economic development has laid the foundation.