nvested 11 billion 600 million to allow the United States to upgrade Qinghai

since last year, the provincial finance to firmly establish the ecological protection of the first concept, to support and protect and improve the ecological environment as an important responsibility for development of productive forces, to establish a diversified ecological protection mechanism to finance investment, invested 11 billion 600 million yuan to support the implementation of ecological civilization created throughout the country the first area of action, to create great beauty Qinghai upgrade.
[] to support major ecological engineering construction investment of 5 billion 750 million yuan to support Sanjiang source two, Qilian Mountains ecological comprehensive management started, promote the comprehensive management and environmental remediation of Huangshui River basin construction, the main functional areas, improve the mine ecological environment protection mechanisms, and actively support the conversion of farmland to forest and pasture, natural forest protection, forest ecological compensation and wetland protection and restoration project, the effectiveness of key ecological function zones and the living environment of urban and rural governance significantly.

[] improve the ecological compensation mechanism of Sanjiang source of investment of 3 billion 450 million yuan, key ecological function areas of transfer payments, the "1+9+3" education funding, different school awards complement, key ecological function areas of environmental monitoring, daily management and prairie grassland ecological protection subsidies reward the effective implementation of the policy, and the importance of cohesion between the compensation policy, constantly the optimization procedure of compensation and compensation scope, compensation standard and gradually establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism.