North of the city in 2012 emission reduction projects progressing smoothly

in order to complete the main pollutants in the north area of 2012 the total emissions of the project as soon as possible — Xining Xinyuan slaughter meat dish Ltd. slaughter wastewater treatment project, I take a week to Bureau inspectors on-site supervision and inspection time, timely understanding of the problems in the process of project construction, supervision and inspection of the construction project is in strict accordance with the "environmental impact report" requirements. Project equipment customization from Shandong Mingke Environmental Protection Engineering Co. Ltd., the process design of grille wells, grease tank, regulating pond, hydrolysis acidification pool, oxidation pond, sedimentation and filtration system, disinfection system, sludge system. At present the company operation personnel in the installation guide, is expected to completed by the end of this month.