Consolidating the achievements of construction and maintenance with the opportunity of Jian Wei day

in accordance with the requirements of the Xining Municipal Transportation Bureau to carry out twenty-second "Jian Wei day" program. In August 27th the city bus company organization personnel to carry out the obligations of labor, the school of politics and law parking lot dead garbage to clean, the clean-up site of toilet, spraying fly drugs, placed deratization drug, keep the environment clean. At the same time, the team also organized personnel to carry out inspection on the appearance of the car car, car seat, Hualian whether well, broken tail card, car advertisement cleaning waste itemized inspection, and urge the driver to check out the matters not qualified to recover as soon as possible, to provide a safe, convenient, clean and comfortable environment for the public. The window glass on the traffic vehicles, tourist vehicles and passenger lines, Datong Datong High passenger vehicles especially the rear window glass, dirt, stubborn stains the floor under the seat, and behind the accumulated stains were cleaned and eradicated, and the cab dashboard, health for thorough cleaning, further at the same time the requirements of the relevant personnel of the vehicle to ensure daily cleansing, do small class line vehicle trip times cleaning requirements, to ensure that the operation of the vehicle body and clean.

in improving the cleaning team, at the same time also arrange meetings, workshops through learning publicity channels, raise awareness of disease prevention, health knowledge workers, the anti smoking campaign, asked the driver to civilized driving, not free from the car to discard waste, consciously use civilized language, family services, warm and caring, so that passengers a car such as the feeling of home, to the image of civilized and normative industry make contribution to the establishment of.


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