Hot tourism e-commerce platform to help attract gold

In July and August, Qinghai attracted thousands of tourists from home and abroad to visit, with the tourism industry in Xining also attracted the most prosperous season of the year, restaurants, hotels, etc. is extremely hot. At the same time, with the development of the information age, many industries began to e-commerce platform for sales.

recently, the author visited our city west district, Chengzhong district and east area of more than Gaestgiveriet Hotel and hotel, along with the continuous development of more and more of the tourism industry in Qinghai’s tourism industry began to look into the more distant, e-commerce platform has become an important means of tourism industry suction gold.

democratic Street, a small hotel set from 35 yuan to 198 yuan ranging from the price of housing, and these houses are basically online booking. In addition to the hotel front desk two attendants, but also has a network administrator, at any time to refresh the information. According to the front desk staff, many hotels are booked through the network room. "This is very convenient, you can find a place to rest." A tourist from Beijing, said she booked a room through the network to save a lot of trouble.

In addition

, e-commerce platform for Qinghai products to overseas output provides a great convenience, whether it is not perishable or yak meat perishable PI, is can be mailed to the field through the network platform, which provides great convenience for tourists. (author: Jin ran)


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