Distribution center so that merchants are greatly increased confidence

November 17th, the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center official operation second days, thousands of Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market traders have been moved into the new premises, the new market environment, the advanced scientific management philosophy and culture of the market facilities, so many businesses have confidence.

at 9 kilometers from the city of the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center door, a car to transport vegetables vehicles neatly lined up in order to enter the channel mouth, a row of large trucks parked in a neat and orderly trading area, all handling personnel busy taking everything in good order and well arranged, each user gets a phone order…… Vegetable wholesale large Yang boss engaged in vegetable business for over 10 years, the municipal government departments at all levels and efforts, finally ushered in the formal operation of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural distribution center, which for his long-term business, is a very good thing. According to the Relocation Notice, he one day ahead of their reserves of vegetables are packed, until November 16th 4 in the morning, he personally took 8 cars into the new car go forward with great strength and vigour of vegetables. See the venue wide, complete facilities, the service functions of the new market, Yang boss said that in the future to do business in such an environment more confidence.

it is understood that at present, the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center is a set of complete functions, perfect facilities, humanized service as one of the modern agricultural and sideline products distribution center, a trading area, cold chain distribution area, small area, commercial area and comprehensive service area in the market, also has bank, postal services, telecommunications, agricultural and sideline products inspection and quarantine, catering, medical service facilities. According to the municipal agriculture company responsible person, the design and construction of the center reflects the specialization, scale, standardization of the characteristics in terms of infrastructure, hardware equipment and management tools, it represents the development direction of the new generation of agricultural and sideline products wholesale market. In addition, the market has a complete inspection and Quarantine Center for agricultural products, meat and vegetables and other agricultural products can be achieved laboratory and on-site inspection and quarantine.


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