Chairman of the mountains and rivers statue of provincial cultural relics

May 7th, the province’s ninth batch of provincial units of cultural relics protection announced the list, the city of north of the mountains and rivers Chairman Mao statue on the list. At this point, the north of the city has 9 national and provincial heritage conservation units, once again witnessed the northern city has a long history and profound historical and cultural heritage.

according to the research, the area north of the city has always been the main living area of Hehuang ancestors, the history of many clans and dynasties in this thriving, troops stationed, retained the taojiazhai site, Shen Han tombs, West apricot ruins, Beishan view historical relics more buildings. North District has always attached great importance to the protection of cultural relics, increasing government investment, and actively carry out inspections of cultural relics and regulations propaganda and restoration of cultural relics, the long-term management work, to effectively strengthen the cultural relics protection area.


declaration and approved and Chairman Mao iron statue was built in 1968, is the older generation of workers and foundry iron poured into the infinite love make painstaking efforts, Chairman Mao on feeling like to build, is a modern important historical sites, 2009 was identified as the base for patriotic education in the area north of the city, was listed as the provincial cultural relics protection unit for the education of future generations, carry forward the fine tradition, promote the construction of spiritual civilization, has an important role and far-reaching significance to promote national culture. In the future, the North District will actively strive for superior projects and financial support, reasonable planning and design, both protection and development, and strive to build the theme park for patriotic education, with its rich connotation and new vitality, provide a good place for education, remember the memory for the masses. (correspondent Fan Shengdong, reporter,)


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