More than two days of the Xining road becomes smooth

Many owners seem to have been accustomed to the road in Kunlun, Dongguan Street traffic congestion phenomenon occurs, but during the national day, in the past, the frequent occurrence of "three steps and one stop" congestion Road, but most of them open up. October 1st at noon, the reporter came to Kunlun after another road, Dongguan Street and other city main roads, the traffic police found many abandoned wonderful vacation time, directing traffic in the main roads of the city, to ensure smooth traffic. Traffic is significantly reduced than usual, many vehicles in the traffic police under the command of an orderly passage, there is no traffic jam for a long time. There is a family of Zheng Zheng told reporters: usually because the work unit is far away from home, so I drove to work every day. During the National Day holiday, so I do not intend to drive, to walk the way to enjoy the national day." Zheng said: "but I am very surprised, I thought that the road will be blocked, I did not expect the past every day after the road congestion is clearly a lot of smooth." Reporters learned in the interview, the city during the national day to reduce the reasons for the vehicle are: because the highway toll free, some car owners choose to drive out of the province to travel. In addition, some owners give up driving during the holidays, choose to walk exercise.  

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