North District seized more than 6000 pirated discs

days ago, Xining city cultural market comprehensive law enforcement unit in the north area of public security, industry and commerce departments jointly carry out cultural market special rectification actions. In the special rectification action, a total of more than 6000 pirated discs, pornographic discs of 78.
remediation action to the main street, around the campus, bazaars, urban high, increase the publication, sales of audio-visual products store density of inspections and inspection efforts. Check the bookstore, store and other business establishments to more than 30, seized the illegal pornographic and pirated audio-visual products more than 6000, to effectively combat the illegal business behavior culture, publications, purify the cultural publishing market, culture and publication market maintain the normal business order. Currently, the case is being processed. (author: Yan Qingqing)


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