Cooperation Development Summit Forum The Belt and Road along the country enterprises held in Qingdao

5 the afternoon of 19 March, "Cooperation Development Summit Forum The Belt and Road along national enterprises held in Qinghai Convention center. Chinese CCPIT vice president Zhang Wei, vice governor of Qinghai Province, Kuang Chung speeches, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region CPPCC Vice Chairman Bai Zhijie attended the forum.

Zhang Wei said that Qinghai is an important node of the ancient Silk Road, natural resources enrichment. Chinese Council and the Qinghai provincial government and the countries and regions along the joint efforts to carry out extensive exchanges and pragmatic cooperation in economy and trade, culture, tourism and other more areas, to promote regional development and achieve win-win situation and make greater contributions. He also suggested that, to seize the opportunity, "The Belt and Road" going to accelerate the pace; play their respective advantages, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win; innovative means to improve the level of trade and investment facilitation.

Kuang Chung said, in recent years, Qinghai national products characteristics and advantages of industrial development, Qinghai and The Belt and Road along the country cooperation plays a role of bridge and link. We will further strengthen economic and trade exchanges and cultural exchanges around the world, and actively guide enterprises to carry out trade and investment, accelerating the construction of Green Industrial Park, the establishment of an international marketing network and logistics distribution center, and strive to explore the international market, and create favorable conditions to promote industry transformation and development.

Thailand, Canada, Ecuador, some politicians and businessmen, as well as domestic enterprises and experts responsible for keynote speech.


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