Held in the province of the theme of the theme of the scene singing Conference

sponsored by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Bureau of SMG to not forget the early heart · temper forward — Qinghai province to commemorate the victory of the long march of Red Army 80 anniversary masses theme singing meeting, held in the sunning Plaza on the afternoon of September 27th.

singing meeting by "red memory" "days" "Man Road" "road to revival" "dream" and other chapters China. Singing meeting pitched loud chorus of "blessing of the motherland" kicked off. I come from the provincial departments, all sectors of the cadres and the masses, the PLA soldiers and armed police officers and soldiers, singing people for having heard it many times and encouraging red classic songs of several generations, as well as excellent song creation in the new time, cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs, recalling the history of the future. "Red memory" in the text of the "ten" Nanhu boat "send" Red Army "red song", "text" in the "days" "Red Mountain Grassland" is not afraid of difficult expedition and other songs, expressed the people deeply cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs ";" Man Road passage, full field singing "March of the volunteers", each unit of singing "hero hymn" "red song" "unity is strength" and other songs, refreshing, passionate. "Road to revival" and "dream" Chinese chapters, each unit of singing "in the field of hope" into the "new era" "China dream" and other songs, the expression of the plateau children of all nationalities blessing to the motherland. Our province through the crowd singing meeting theme, sing red classics, recalling the martyrs, to relive the glorious history of the Red Army in Chinese under the leadership of the Communist Party’s propaganda extremely hard and bitter important status in the Long March, China revolutionary history and the history of our army, vigorously carry forward the spirit of the long march and the national spirit, showing the good spirit of our province cadres and the masses of all walks of life breath cohesion business officers.


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