New year to go to the grassroots level – to deepen the go turn hundred days of the big game to settl

Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Maqin County town of Lac district residents to increase happiness, 85 year old, the past is nomadic, then at least a year to move four times, every time the family travel hundreds of kilometers. Today, after the settlement of the Tibetan people to sit on the sofa, his left hand in his grandson, his right hand from time to time to take a sip of tea, watching TV, satisfied.

such a comfortable life, for the elderly to add hard won. The simple pastoral recalls, "in the past year grazing for most of the time, go on the road, how many transitions move on the way, heavy rain, heavy snow is. To the winter pasture, once the heavy snow, flocks and herds of cold and starvation, let a person very pain."

30 years ago, and the old man to serve as the director of animal husbandry Saishentuo Raja town. The small village backed by rolling Raja town south mountain, the traffic inconvenience, to the town to buy things to work, to go on the dirt road tens of kilometers.

to the old man said: "because of the high altitude, a few years ago, a few fellow hypertension committed, but because those mountains in the distance, delayed treatment, paralysis at home, died shortly after." Now, the distance to the elderly less than 200 meters, that is, the district health center, no longer need to worry about the doctor.


now makes him change Raja town dizzying: former dirt road is gone, the new road hardening has been extended to every rural primary school door; tent disappeared, facilities of the beautiful primary school in the neighborhood; the dilapidated house is gone, the new building neat row in the town around lac every family take on an altogether new aspect.

to add the old lament, if not settled, his whole life I want to live by water. "Now lives a life of heaven." He said.

reporter in the well-being of the community to see, the district wide roads, schools, kindergartens, hospitals and other social services readily available, the district has built a cultural and basketball court. With the expansion of the town, the original business is not a good shepherd, many have tried to open shops, restaurants and barber shops.

from nomads to residents, the elderly have to adapt to the gradual change of identity. "Now, we have nothing to do with the city of two, with mobile phones, watching cable tv. Shops and restaurants are everywhere and everything is easy to buy. If you want to go to the county town, the town has a taxi, make a phone call, a few minutes to open the door to the car to pick up."

right now, every day to the primary school and kindergarten shuttle grandson, granddaughter, became the main work to increase the elderly, he was very satisfied. He recalled the past 10 years, the city has 3 children to go to school, in addition to the annual holiday short reunion, the rest mostly live in the city with relatives.


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