Municipal Bureau of traffic to celebrate the 38 colorful activities

to celebrate the "38" women’s day, rich and active transport system of cadres and workers’ spiritual and cultural life, to guide and promote the cadres and workers to actively participate in cultural and artistic activities, improve the aesthetic taste, improve the quality of spiritual life, arouse the enthusiasm of the masses of cadres and workers of the global traffic system, better play the role of trade union organizations of female workers. To promote the global chuangxianzhengyou activities, in support of the bureau Party committee, Xining Municipal Bureau of Transportation Commission, women workers Committee early planning, careful deployment, have organized various activities for the global system of female cadres and workers sent to a holiday feast, but also highlights the new image in the new era of traffic system of female cadres the workers.

is the first Xining city traffic system to meet the ’38’ workers photography, calligraphy, handicrafts exhibition". March 1, 2012 to 2, in the conference room of the first floor of the, the first meeting of the Xining city traffic system ’38’ female workers photography, calligraphy, handicrafts exhibition held as scheduled. The Bureau and the Xining city highway transportation management office, Xining City Transportation Company Limited, Rita car rental companies, car rental companies, CYTS teshin taxi company organization entries in the game. A total of more than and 140 entries, divided into cross stitch, staff photography, handmade embroidery, handicrafts and paintings in five categories. By the bureau party secretary, comrade Ma Haizhou as leader, deputy secretary and Secretary of the Party committee Comrade Xu Cunde, deputy head, Juzhu relevant units and personnel offices for members of the "outstanding works of photography, painting, arts and crafts workers exhibition event leading group, all entries are reviewed by class, were ranked one or two, individual third-prize and units outstanding organization award four awards, the final 34 works the author received the award, talent shows itself, 3 units won the outstanding organization unit. All the staff of the Bureau of trade unions have issued souvenirs, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff involved.

two is organized to visit the provincial science and Technology Museum activities. To create a festive atmosphere for female employees, female staff union in Xining City Bureau of Transportation Commission, the Commission on the afternoon of March 7th visit the global system organization of female workers in science and technology museum. Sea lake district is located in the province science and Technology Museum permanent exhibition area of about 10 thousand square meters, set 291 pieces (sets), exhibits covering basic disciplines, environment, life, energy, transportation, aerospace, information security, and the unique natural environment of Qinghai, Gao Yuansheng and the state in the social and economic development of key scientific and technological content female cadres, workers to explore the secret of Science in the process of interaction, visit. Not only to enjoy the festive season, but also added a happy mood.

three is to carry out psychological counseling and psychological knowledge of female workers. In order to give full play to female workers’ organizations and the Commission’s role in promoting female worker’s self health care consciousness and physical and mental health, relieve from society, family, work and other aspects of psychological pressure. In March 9th, the Bureau of Transportation Bureau of the whole day and the City Transport Co., Ltd. to carry out two women workers psychological counseling and health knowledge lectures, a total of more than 200 female workers to listen to the wonderful lectures of experts.

four is organized to open;

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