City District eight efforts to promote the creation of the city

In April 22nd, the city held a "five hit" work conference in 2014 defined the task to create a national civilized city.It is reported that the

, Chong City "eight work" is: to create activities in the theme work. The main is to grasp the socialist core values, publicity and education Chinese socialism and Chinese dream, Lei Feng volunteer service activities, the integrity of the building system, moral problems of special education management, civilized traffic guidance, "civilized behavior" advertisement, mass spiritual civilization, ideological and moral construction of minors and other key work. Efforts in the construction of key facilities. To increase the management of small streets and non main roads, improve the maintenance of road surface and road signs and other public facilities. Increase of glossing over and in key areas for Street building, wall lighting, specification of the shops along the street door plaque, street signs, to ensure the appearance of the city environment, increase afforestation efforts. Efforts to improve environmental sanitation. The main city area along the urban fringe, construction sites, urban village, Beijiexiaoxiang community, especially the special focus on remediation of old residential areas such as health corner, outdoor advertising and the city "psoriasis", the full implementation of the "front three" efforts to increase regulation of mobile vendors Jeeves, etc.. Work hard at the grassroots level. The streets in accordance with the national civilized city evaluation standards in the community and village (township), community (Village) to create content and standards, grasp the area of environmental health, create atmosphere, and promote the construction of the public schools, moral lecture, cultural activities such as the development of volunteer services, health services, legal aid services, and protection of the rights of the elderly, legal advocacy, helping care for needy families and other key work. In order to improve the market order. In the city to carry out the integrity of the market business model point of view, the integrity of the market, the creation of a civilized market activities, and strive to create a glorious honor, discredit shameful social environment. Increase tourism market consolidation, improve tourist satisfaction, belonged to the hospital, hall and other units to intensify publicity and education and reform efforts, the "window" unit to clean environment, sound system, standardized service, good order, the satisfaction of the masses. In the social security and public security environment remediation efforts. We will further improve the basic level public security prevention and control network, strengthen the basic work of social security, and strive to maintain social stability, and constantly enhance the people’s sense of security and satisfaction, to curb the occurrence of major accidents. Increase entertainment, audio-visual products market, Internet cafes and other management, strengthen the campus surrounding environmental remediation. In the mobilization of public participation. Through the design of a variety of carriers, to create a strong atmosphere of the city, so that the city mobilized, launched a comprehensive, effectively improve the awareness of the masses of the city work, participation and satisfaction rate. In the creation of the characteristics of Kung fu. According to the municipal Party committee proposed to fill the gap to fill the hardware and software features of the request, in and carry out the work at the same time, efforts to create work to create features, will create a civilized city work and the construction of ecological civilization, the "Cultural District" construction, national unity and progress of advanced areas and create fine;

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